Monday, May 02, 2016

Fast life in the slow lane

We had a busy, busy weekend – shoot, we have a busy, busy life! But when I think about what we're busy with, I realize that many people in first-world countries would think our life simple, even boring. Just the way I like it! ;-)

Sky shows instead of Broadway shows:

Fancy flowers instead of fancy gowns:

Growing our own instead of going to five-star restaurants:

Trail riding instead of jet-setting:

Yesterday we got a lot done. The highly visible stuff was done by the guys; they got the grass mowed, finished tilling and weeding the garden, and planted the sprouted Yukon Gold potatoes. On top of chores and kitchen duty, I skirted Bree's fleece, rooed Sarai and gave her a much-needed pedicure (sorry; it was dark by the time I finished so no photos), boxed up fleeces for shipping – and went for that trail ride with friends.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016


I have no idea why I have such a dearth of lamb photos this year. After all, there's only one to try and capture!
Obviously, Babette was DONE with the photo shoot. Not big sister Bree, though. She saw me sitting on a board and came running over!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beautiful browns

Today while the first "brown" iris unfurled nearby,

I unfurled and skirted Vienna's fleece.
Isn't it pretty? Last year's fleece didn't look as good because by the time I realized Vienna wasn't able to be rooed, there was a layer of rise above the cut line. I had that fleece processed into roving for myself, knowing it will have some neps and noils; this fleece is going to a repeat customer who is buying seven of my fleeces this year.

See this? That's another spike of buds developing on my orchid! The white blooms on the second spike are still perfection; this plant is truly the gift (from Rick for our anniversary last June) that keeps on giving!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Getting what you pay for, or . . .

. . . getting your money's worth?

A hair "salon" chain is having a haircut sale, and we all took advantage of it this week. Rick went "under the knife" on Monday, just before we headed to Portland to watch the Blazers in the NBA playoffs. (Fantastic game then and tonight! Go, Rip City!!!) His hairdresser got overzealous and he came out looking like a peeled onion.

Yesterday I took Brian in for a much needed haircut at a different location, where he's gotten good cuts before. While he was getting his ears lowered, I decided I might as well get a trim, too, since it is difficult to get in to see my usual hairdresser. The nice young lady who cut my hair . . . cut my hair . . . and cut my hair. I was getting more and more nervous; why didn't I say anything??? You know it's bad when your son tells you to wear a hat. :-/  But hey, none of us will need haircuts for awhile! No, you don't get to see it. How about some flowers and leaves? ;-)

Got Bittersweet's fleece skirted this evening:

Hope to get more done tomorrow!

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