Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still pedaling away on the Tour de Fleece

It's amazing how much progress you make when you just keep spinning!

I didn't have any specific goals for this year's TdF; I was just looking forward to the impetus to spin. I can only squeeze in a little discretionary activity each day, so if I'm knitting or riding, I'm not spinning. Well, riding is sidelined along with my horse right now, and the TdF gives me a reason to swap knitting needles for spinning tools for a few weeks. Add to that Brian's absence this week and the chance to go places with my DH, and I get bonus spinning time!

I've been reaching into my fiber stash without a lot of forethought, which has resulted in quite a variety of yarns. I don't think I've shared skein #4 with you yet – approximately 280 yards of two-ply from the hollyberry top.

Yesterday I Navajo-plyed the singles I started during the veterinary call on Monday. Look, Ma; camouflage yarn!

I'm really happy with this yarn, even though it is not "my" colors. Too bad there is only around 100 yards; so glad I have Ravelry to help me find the perfect project for it!

Last night I also finished plying the yarn on my Jenkins spindle:

Part of that was plyed in Rick's vet truck as we drove to and from Salem to see a man about a zebra . . . stay tuned for "Date Night: Veterinary Style"! ;-)

That's it for now from . . .

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Life is hard and then you die"

That is probably what poor Benny is thinking right about now. This morning we finally did the deed so he can hopefully live a long, happy life as a loved-on fiber producer. (Brian will be thrilled with the news; he's told me I couldn't sell Benny.)

A glimpse of Benny's fleece

We'll have to work on the "loved-on" part; Benny's had minimal human touch for the last couple months in case someone wanted him as a future flock sire, and is as wary of people as Barbados is now. But I am confident I can coax out those memories of bliss buried in the back of his mind – memories like this:
Sweet baby Benny!

Speaking of Barbados, he still has all his parts and will keep them if I have any say in things. He is the most stunning ram lamb I've raised; I think he will find a breeding home eventually. Below is a fleece shot I snapped this morning, along with a shot of his scurs, which haven't grown at all.

After torturing Benny, I exchanged Bali's coat for a bigger one (admiring her crimpy fleece in the process), and cleaned up Blaise as best I could and put a coat on her. Blaise's dark fleece is long, very soft, and is finally showing some crimp at the base, but the camera could only capture a picture with flash, which doesn't show it accurately.

We're getting a good, soaking rain on this cool, spring-like day; that's why we took care of Benny this morning. After a couple more mild days it's supposed to heat back up; hopefully by then Benny will be over the worst of his recovery.

Oh, and Rick, 2; ground squirrels, 0.

That's it for today from . . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All is quiet on the Western front....

Well, not entirely, but with Brian gone with his grandma to Colorado this week, it is certainly quieter.

Yesterday, after Brian left, Rick asked me if I wanted to go on a call with him. I grabbed my spindle plying project, my empty miniSpinner and some new fiber, and jumped in his vet truck, ready for a scenic drive over the Coast Range to Tillamook. The only problem was the shortcut Rick took, a narrow, winding road that had me concentrating on not losing my lunch (I'm a motion-sickness lightweight). Fortunately I had plenty of time to recover once we arrived!
Good thing I was productive there, as the return trip did me in. I went to bed when we got home, and still feel a wee bit woozy today. :-/

This morning the war on ground squirrels began. I got the .22 loaded and ready, but while I was doing morning chores, I heard the .410 go off. Rick, 1; ground squirrels, 0. It was hours before I finally saw another ground squirrel . . . eating false dandelion flowers in the yard. Now why can't they stick to being helpful like that, instead of eating my green beans down to the stems???

So the guns have been quiet since, but the horses haven't. Good grief; at least this didn't start until the minor left!

That's it for today from . . .

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Like a beaded veil

After a HOT Saturday, today dawned cloudy and cool. "How nice," I thought; "so much better for an outdoor wedding than blistering heat!" Then it started to drizzle. Uh oh – but oh, so pretty!
But then, the drizzle stopped and the sun broke through the gray layer. (I found out later that the wedding site didn't get any precipitation, saving the bride any additional stress.)

It was a lovely wedding in a lovely location:

My favorite photo; a tender moment during the prayer:

The bride is a girl after my own heart – her and her sister's horses were tied up next to the platform:

That's it for our romantic Sunday, from . . .