Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sheepy surprises

During chore time one day last week:

Whoa! Bing (my black wether) will shyly ask for attention on rare occasions, but Bart never allows me more than a wee sneaky chin rub while I'm scritching the other wethers. Apparently his love cup had runneth dry. Glad to help, big guy!  ;-)

But that wasn't the biggest sheepy surprise I've gotten recently. When we got back from Cowboy Campmeeting Sunday afternoon, I counted beaks and noses to make sure all the homebodies were fine. Everyone was – except I couldn't spot Benny anywhere. I called, expecting His Mouthiness to call back. Nothing. I walked toward a particular tree he likes to rest against, and could see his coat above the root. I kept calling as I approached, dread growing at what I would find since there was still no response. When I got close enough to see that he was facing away from me, peacefully chewing his cud, there was relief – followed instantly by confusion. I said his name LOUDLY from two or three feet away. Not an ear twitched. Benny is stone deaf!

I have no idea how long he has been deaf, but remember times he has started with surprise when he should have heard me approach. It didn't register; why would I suspect my Benny boy couldn't hear?

This morning he was resting between the gate and the water bucket. I made lots of noise without getting any reaction.
It wasn't until the other wethers moved away uneasily that he looked around for the cause and spotted me.
Could this be why he's my little loud-mouth? Locked in a silent world, does he yell to the other sheep and to his shepherd while wondering why we never talk to him?

Just a little sad at . . .

Monday, July 06, 2015

Cowboy Campmeeting 2015, in pictures

Our camp
My morning view
Some of the other campers in the distance
Can't go horse-camping without 'em
Good rides
Benefit auction – I scored that pocked bundt pan!
What's camping without campfires (carefully tended) and s'mores?
And watermelon!
Dozer the flower photo-bomber ;-)
We even had a 4th of July parade
Plenty of good music
And the start of the Tour de Fleece

That's the report on Cowboy Campmeeting, from . . .

While the cat's away...

...the mice will play (or something vaguely similar). At least they played before we went away (which I planned to post about then and not now; oh well!).

One evening last week I noticed movement through one of the two small north-facing living room windows. I stopped and saw two bunnies playing; how cute! We've seen a rabbit there occasionally (I think it's a brush rabbit), where it can easily slip through the fence into the neighboring wooded lot for safety. I took this very dim photo through the dirty glass
before slipping out onto the deck as quietly as I could. I spooked one of the bunnies but zoomed in to get a better photo of the other one.

Wait! That's not a bunny; it's a California Ground Squirrel! We're not happy with the habits of these new tenants, but I wouldn't be able to take aim at one. Were a ground squirrel and a rabbit really playing together? I didn't get a good enough look to say for sure, but I think so.

Photo-heavy post on our horse-camping trip coming right up; you've been warned. ;-)

That's it for now from . . .

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

One dog's opinion

"It's 'dog days,' definitely. The heat doesn't bother those squirrels AT.ALL."
We (the dogs and people) are staying pretty close to the AC – and very thankful for it! Thankful, too, for our burgeoning garden; the heat does it good as long as we keep the water going. I think the sheep would take the house by force if they knew it was cooler in here; they look miserable. The horses seem oblivious, standing in full sun even when they aren't grazing, in spite of available shade.

We've decided to go on an abbreviated horse-camping trip due to the heat and work pressures. Even with the shorter trip, I'm worried about my outdoor potted plants. I've been watering them daily; my sole geranium is rewarding me with opening buds.

Posts may be few and far between the next couple of weeks or so, since I'll be traveling without my laptop. I won't be traveling without a spindle, though. The Tour de France – and the concurrent Tour de Fleece – begins on July 4, and I'll be spinning along. (When I'm home, I'll also be spinning Blaise's fleece on my HansenCrafts miniSpinner.)

Ready for the starting gun at . . .