Thursday, May 28, 2015


That would be the sound of fleeces flying out of here! This afternoon I finally bit the bullet and posted photos and descriptions of my available fleeces in Spinners Marketplace on Ravelry, and three of the nine are already reserved. Now I have no choice but to make the time to get them skirted and weighed so they can be shipped. Do you ever put yourself between a rock and a hard spot to force your own hand like that?

I did have some extra time today as I didn't have to report to work, but didn't have the vitality to make the most of it. Now I'm sitting in the (hot, stuffy) fencing club while Brian cooks in his head-to-toe fencing whites. You gotta love this sport to do it through the summer!

That's it for today from . . .

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creepy-crawly, snotty-slimy

I'm talking about my physical state, not this handsome specimen of a Pacific banana slug. Allergies, still combined with a cold virus I suspect, have me Itchy/Crawly/Sneezy/Snotty/Coughy/Sleepy/
Cranky – my own Seven Dwarfs of misery. (Did you know Sleeping Beauty's sidekicks have had many names over the years??? News to me!)

That's it for today from . . .

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fruits of our labors

This morning I took a closer look at the garden to better appreciate my husband's hard work. In addition to the starts, seeds are sprouting nicely – radishes, bush beans, peas, and carrots.

The vineyard and berry patch are looking good (as is my rhubarb, far left). There are strawberries (to the far right of the row crops) ready to pick as well; that'll probably be on my list for tomorrow.

On my list today was rooing Sarai. It was perfect timing; she rooed easily and was left with a good layer of new growth. She stood very nicely for me as well, one of the few sheep I have that doesn't fight the blocking stand.

The tugging of rooing stretches the locks and disrupts the crimp alignment, although that changes the nature and quality of the fleece not at all. But I snapped a photo of Sarai's fleece mid-side so interested parties can see what it looks like before rooing.
Her ram lambs yelled for her the entire time I rooed, of course. But when I turned her out to join them in the pasture afterwards, they didn't recognize her and continued to yell. She answered not a word, turning her attention to eating; Vienna acted far more concerned about all the noise. Then again, Vienna has been the more attentive mother all along. I plan to roo her tomorrow; it will be interesting to see how her girls react!

That's it for today . . .

Monday, May 25, 2015


I have no immediate family members who died while serving our country in the military, and recognize that to be a blessing and a gift of great price. My gratitude to those who have paid it.

I actually went to work today because the last week of every month is crunch time at my job. I didn't want to; I've come down with a cold on top of rampant seasonal allergies, and feel like hammered grunt. But I am nothing if not responsible, so off I went, then came home, guided my boy through violin practice, then hauled him off to a violin lesson. After we got home from that and supper was over, I headed out to ride my horse. I mumbled something to my husband about just wanting to go to bed, and he said, "You don't have to ride." I responded that everything that needs doing takes too much brain power, and I'd feel better after getting some fresh air. He said, "You can come look at my garden with me." (He'd spent much of the day weeding his grapes and berries.) I said, "That wouldn't take long; I'm not going to just stand there and gaze at it." He said, "You do with your sheep." I snorted and said, "I take pictures of my sheep, and snuggle with my sheep. You can't snuggle a grapevine." Then I quipped, "You're Cain, I'm Abel." Ha!

The gardener was willing to help the shepherd yesterday morning, though. I restrained so he could remove Vienna's stitches, tag lambs, and give them their second CD&T shots. It all went quickly and smoothly, then the ewes and lambs went out to pasture.
My beautiful Bree, with new accessory

A bit later, I caught Barbados so he'd be ready for his new owners to pick up at noon. He's mild-mannered, polled and fine-fleeced – just what they were looking for.

I have two more out of the same dam that are just as nice, if someone else is looking for a fine-fleeced flock sire. But their time as intact is running out!
Belfast's fleece, mid-side
Boston's fleece, mid-side

Now I need to muster myself off to bed at . . .