Thursday, November 20, 2014

As promised

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Light on the horizon...

. . . in more ways than one.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pulling in my horns

Yesterday morning I captured four adult wethers and one ram lamb in lovely light. The mood? Not quite so bright. Earlier, Barbados was chasing Bart around, which was rather comical considering that Bart is the biggest and Barbados is the smallest in this group. But by the end of chores, when I took this photo, the it-boys seemed to be ganging up on the little he-man.

The big he-man is still with his ladies, a decision I'm regretting as our financial situation has been made clearer to me. I expect the resulting lambs to be nice – outstanding, even, but I haven't had much success in marketing fine-fleeced, poll-carrying Shetland sheep. Oh, my fleeces sell very well, but I don't have room or hay budget to keep an ever-growing fiber flock. The predominant preference for breeding stock out here in the Northwest is bigger, horned Shetlands with longer, straighter, coarser fleeces; there are plenty of fine-fleeced, poll-carrying Shetlands available in the Midwest from which interested breeders there can choose. So unless I can sell some sheep, and not just fleeces, I will not be breeding again for the foreseeable future. Here's hoping I don't have to resort to more drastic measures.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

My colors

Last week I noticed what I'd thrown on my bed – Polarfleece riding breeches (Kerrits, my favorite equestrian wear brand) and my handspun Melpomene scarf (I'd worn it to homeschool co-op on my birthday). My comforter (along with carpet and master bath counters) is blue, and everything coordinated nicely. Yep, you can tell what my colors are! (I have several tops in that light teal color that I could have added to the coordinating pile, too.)

I also wear a lot of black. Grey, not so much, but I couldn't get a certain color of grey out of my mind for Romi's Artesian, and found it at OFFF. I finished my silvery wing of a shawlette/scarf on Saturday night:
What a great pattern (as all of Romi's are). Now if only the blocking fairies would visit so I can wear it. (While they are here they could do my Red Rock Canyon shawl as well....)  :-/

I had my next project all lined up, and cast on immediately after finishing Artesian. No details, as it's a gift knit, except that I'm using a lovely skein of Madelintosh tosh dk in Alizarin. Yum.

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