Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our poor pooches

Recently our dogs have taken us on a roller coaster of health concerns. First Dozer lost interest in food; then Jackson threw up, then Dozer went through a couple days of occasionally yelping for no discernible reason, then Jackson threw up again. That last one happened Friday evening, and things went downhill from there. Jackson woke us to go outside every hour to hour and a half, and by morning was weak, listless, and dehydrated. Before we left for church Saturday morning, Rick ran some fluids with glucose sub-Q; when we got home Jackson was feeling slightly perkier but still had bloody, mucousy diarrhea and no interest in food. His temp was normal, so it appeared to be a bad case of enteritis.
Dozer couldn't figure out what was wrong with his buddy!

Finally, by Saturday night, he was willing to eat some white rice.

This morning, Jackson ate some more rice and was much perkier. He still had diarrhea, but was clearly on the mend; I am so relieved!

Happy to have healthy hounds again at . . .

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wait for it....

This morning while having worship, I noticed some color on the horizon. These things can be fleeting, so I snapped a photo.
But instead of being the sum total of the dawn's glory, that was only the precursor to THIS –

While I stood in the doorway to the deck taking the second photo, a male Anna's hummingbird with even more stunning colors buzzed me repeatedly. I was actually concerned that he might get by me and into the house! So I closed the door, then got the idea to capture the bold little fellow at our feeder with the sunrise in the background. I waited, finger on shutter, until I finally had to capitulate to my complaining back.

It coulda been a contender.... ;-)

That's it for today from . . .

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter's perfume (with added photos)

A "drive-by shooting;" the evening sky on our way to fencing class tonight

This afternoon, in my brief time at home between work/errands and Brian's fencing lesson, I stepped outside to clean dog paws and was hit with heady fragrance. I knew instantly that the sarcococca was finally in bloom!
Inconspicuous but incredibly fragrant flowers
Sarcococca line the north side of our house (plus our dead heat pump)
A close-up of fully opened flowers

I've checked on it several times in the last month to see only buds; I should have known it would clearly announce its debut. Before too long, the daphne odora on the opposite side of the house will add to our olfactory delights. I love our winter bloomers!

Speaking of bloomers, my woolly girls look like they are wearing some. Some of them acted bloomin' silly, too, when I turned them out late yesterday afternoon while I rode!

I didn't notice until watching this video clip on my computer that I caught one of Annabelle's stumbles. Earlier this week Rick was helping me bring the sheep in at dusk, and when he walked out into the pasture he found Annabelle cast and had to help her up. That's why she gets a protected corner when in the fold, and I don't leave the ewe flock out when I'm not home. She eats well and enjoys life, though, so we will continue to accommodate her as long as that's the case.

That's it for now from . . .

Monday, January 19, 2015


We DID make it to the beach, and it was wonderful! But I came home to a sad sight;
Rick had cut down my doomed Japanese maple, leaving a shocking stump to greet me. ;-(  Thankfully, I have several replacements to choose from. I need to refresh my memory on the qualities of each to make the best choice for this spot; Rick still needs to pull the stump.

That's it for today from . . .