Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Late to the Pooch Party

I heard through the interwebs that today was Dog Day. So the boys posed nicely, then we celebrated with dog treats. Our dogs add so much to our days!

Barking from . . .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gearing up for Fair

Last night I took Brian out to One Mile Shires to get acquainted with the team he'll be driving at the State Fair next week.
I took these with my phone and posted them to Instagram and Facebook; then had to swipe my own photos off FB to share them here!

As you can see, it was a beautiful evening. No photos to prove it, but I "got behind the wheel" of another horse being readied for Fair; it's been a few years since I've driven a horse!

Rick took Brian out again tonight to practice with team and cart. That will probably do it for his preparation. I still need to do some Fair preparation of my own. I'll be demonstrating spinning on Sunday, and plan to take my spindle and miniSpinner (note to self: take extension cord!). The latter is naked, though, so I need to get Blaise's fleece started before I go. Then on Wednesday I'm showing Lance in the Mustang Show at the Fair. Not a whole lot of advance prep possible for that, given my lack of time and riding locations, but I do need to keep Lance legged up and listening to me. Of course, he'll get spiffed up the day before, along with my tack, but I'll worry about that next week.

That's it for now from . . .

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend report

As reported, Sabbath was tough. Trapped inside by hazardous air quality while worrying about my horse outside and dealing with a bored, challenging adolescent was trying to my soul. But there was a bright spot. A friend brought a gift for me to church, just because.
She found this knitting box in a second-hand store. Isn't it wonderful??? Since I have no knitting on the needles right now, it's holding the spindle and fiber I'm currently working on.

Yesterday morning the visibility was still bad, but the smoky smell had abated some. Still, the recommendation was to stay inside as much as possible. Rick and Brian picked the ripe prunes from our two trees, and I got to work canning them with spices and a very light syrup (1/2 c. sugar to 4 c. water). I also filled my slow cooker with prunes to cook down into paste for a fat substitute in baking.

By evening, a cool coast breeze was blowing. We threw open the doors and windows to air out our hot, stale house, and I took Lance out for a sunset ride. We didn't go far because he started coughing; between that and the color of the setting sun, it was clear our air quality still leaves a lot to be desired. But it's improving! (Hopefully my mood follows suit.)

Interesting that my camera turned the sun white and the surrounding sky red; in reality the sun was a giant red orb in a pale pink sky.

That's it for the weekend from . . .

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeling the fires in a new way

Between arriving at church and stepping outside an hour or so later to put something in my trunk, today's atmosphere changed from "nothing new" to "where's the fire???" The wind had shifted, bringing a grungy yellow haze of acrid smoke from the fire that drove the church members to our house Wednesday night. Eyes burning, I took the following photo on my way home; visibility is less than a mile.
Thankfully, we didn't leave many windows open this morning and our house is an oasis of relatively fresh air. I shut the few open windows and we've been hanging out inside with the dogs. I feel bad for the horses, sheep, chickens and barn cat who are stuck outside – especially my horse, who has suffered from allergies this year.

I hope the wind changes again soon!

That's it from a hazy . . .